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  • 1.   Our family finds up a room in a hotel with the NETWORK sign. They choose this hotel because they know that they will get a good room with a good view, a good service at a good price.
  • 2.   Our member goes to a service-station of our car mechanic. The mechanic serves him with a high quality and prior to all waiting cars and at prices for our members. Finally he gets a trifle for the good work.
  • 3.   Our member walks down the street. A beautiful young lady passes by. She smiles and wishes him a good day. She is our member too.
  • 4.   Two couples sit in a restaurant at the same time. They are served by one waiter. He serves with a priority the couple who wears the NETWORK sign. There are smiles, good service and the traditional tip.
  • 5.   There are two shops on the street. The one belongs to our member, the other – to an unknown man. Our members go shopping in the first one. They always use reduction of the price, get fresh goods and sometimes they don’t wait and are served with a priority.