The relations between the people in the society are defined by the rules proceeding from the state laws. The citizens keep special public relationships.

But this is not the entire truth!

In practice the public laws define only the relations between unknown people. Other rules are valid in a family, between relatives or good friends. These rules are submitted to solidarity, mutual aid and compromise. So we can generally divide the society into two groups: unknown people (strangers) and our people (close people).

Here are some examples:
  1. A bread seller and a buyer. The bread is stale.

    Relations between unknown people:

    The seller keeps the fact and the buyer takes the stale bread.

    Relations between our people:

    The seller advises the buyer not to take the bread because it is stale.

  2. At a vegetable stand in the market:

    Relations between unknown people:

    The seller strives for selling the goods no matter of their quality and lies with the scales. The unsuspecting buyer takes the vegetables at a big surplus charge price.

    Relations between our people:

    The seller helps with the selection of the vegetables, measures them precisely and sells them at a low profit.

  3. On a bus station.

    Relations between unknown people:

    The bus is driving off. A late passenger is running to the just closed door. The bus driver sees the passenger but goes on and doesn’t stop.

    Relations between our people:

    The bus driver stops the setting off bus, opens the door and lets the passenger in.

  4. Behind the desk in the municipality building

    Relations between unknown people:

    The work time has just expired. A late citizen asks to file the documents not no come back again on the next day. He needs just a half a minute attention. The state employee tells him coldly that the work time has expired. The unknown man goes out and will come back on the next day.

    Relations between our people:

    The state employee quickly finishes the documents of the late citizen and he will not come back again on the next day.

There are many other examples for discomforts in our daily round which are the reasons for the things don’t happened as we wish and for the troubles that we have to overcome.

It would be wonderful if our people work everywhere and tolerate us and we tolerate them within the range of possibility.

This is the IDEA in fact:

To build a NETWORK of our people who are ready to associate together as our people, that is to keep the relations between them like relations between relatives or good friends, to keep the principles of mutual aid, solidarity and compromise within the range of their personal convictions.

How to become a member of Our People NETWORK?

It is necessary to wear the NETWORK sign by which we will recognize each other. The wearing of the sign will show our willingness for keeping the relations of mutual aid, solidarity and compromise towards the other members and will be a signal for the same relations on their part. You can buy the NETWORK signs from our website shop or you can make it yourself. If you decide that you don’t want to be our member any more, you have only to take our symbols off. Then our people of the NETWORK will not recognize you as a part of us. The only engagement of our member is to popularize the idea and in that way to help for the NETWORK expansion.

You can spread the idea in many ways according to your wish and possibility. You can explain to your friends, make some visit cards, flyers or posters (which you can download from our website or form them by yourself), advertise in printed or electronic issues, billboards. You are not obliged to do this, everyone can help within his range of desire and possibility. Don’t forget that it will be better for us when more people become members of the NETWORK.

Download symbols:
  • vector logo - EPS
  • flyer 15 x 10 cm. - PSB
  • logo - JPG